Nothing delights us more than the love & appreciation our clients who have purchased our artworks have for the pieces. Here's what some of them have to say:


When I first walked into Durham White’s gallery in Kyneton, I looked around and said to my wife – “These prints are strange. I don’t particularly like them”.  I am not sure whether Durham heard me, but he was very polite when he introduced himself.


We looked at Rebirth first as it dominated the wall behind his desk.  We chatted generally as he explained how he put his prints together, but I wasn’t taken by the work and wandered off.  I came back to tell him I quite liked “Smooth Sailing Between the shores” as it was simpler, with the deep blue colours and the  seagull crossing the sky (we live by the beach).  By then my wife was discussing how she liked the flowers across the base of Rebirth.  We briefly discussed price, chatted a bit more, then left.

We were driving back to Creswick in cold driving rain and hail when I said to my wife “you rather liked Rebirth didn’t you”? As it was her birthday weekend and the answer was yes, I offered to turn around and have another look.  Durham didn’t seem greatly surprised to see us again.  We discussed the work in greater detail, and I started “seeing things” (*see below*).  On discussing my reactions, Durham’s somewhat enigmatic comment was “you see in it what you find”.  I became intrigued, my wife more so, and we made the purchase.  Rebirth now hangs high on our lounge room wall.

We see Rebirth at a number of levelsThe first, at the casual level, is the intensity and range of the colours, from blues and pinks in the sky, to the dark undergrowth and the blazing sunshine (or is it fire?).  The second is the more emotional response where the eye follows up from the flowers near the base, through the sunlit branches to the solid structures, and the sky at the top with almost hidden outlines of (probably!) religious structures.  The cycle of life perhaps…?

The last level, which is most entertaining, is the identification of “hidden” features in the work, all subject to individual interpretation.  Examples include the fierce dog/wolf head in the bottom right-hand corner, the slim dancing girl among the branches (centre left), the long mauve picket fence beneath the buildings, and the strange round face (on the right - eyes and nose clear) looking through this fence.

We’ve had Rebirth for three weeks now, and it keeps growing in interest.  I can describe it as somewhat of an inspiration for us – both the gardener-wife and engineer-husband.  It speaks different things, but in a quiet way it is a comfort in the up and down life we all lead.

**A reference to the famous death scene in Blade Runner, when Rutger Hauer’s Replicant character describes in driving rain his experiences on Other Worlds to Harrison Ford. Set to Vangelis’s pulsating music the phrase “I’ve seen things” has deep significance to the film’s devotees…..

 LW  27/8/2018
L & R Walker, Black Rock, Melbourne VIC

Since this of "Rebirth" purchase they have made a further purchase of "What looms... smooth sailing between the shores" and are saving for "Reminiscing"


"We purchased "The Rise" because we loved the amazing visual composition and lovely colours. It's a clever composition of images which include a local building in Kyneton where we saw and purchased the picture. The image has a certain complexity which makes it always interesting. It's a very good quality image and I would certainly recommend Durham's work to others"

Rob and Sue Scheer, Frewville, South Australia

"We are also really enjoying the placemats and coasters. They light up our coffee table when we eat casually in front of the TV.  Sue often says how much she loves using your placemats, which is often.  We have never taken so much care with placemats! Great to use art in a practical sense every day.  Should be more of it."

Rob and Sue Scheer, Frewville, South Australia


Through the Pillars of Time- A Review

Discovering Durham White and his gallery “Colours of White” in Mornington was an absolute joy. We purchased “Through the Pillars of Time” and were initially drawn to this piece as it reminded us of a fantastic European trip we undertook which included a visit to The Louvre in Paris.

History and elegance caught our attention in this piece but colour and light play drew us in further. Durham’s work with layers of colour and image, tell stories. Intriguing new perceptions keep occurring over time and as the light in our home changes throughout the day, it also seems to change the varying light “Through the Pillars of Time”. A piece that in and of itself, truely reflects its subject matter.

The quality of both the canvas and frame are second to none and we are delighted to know that this piece of art will truly stand the test of time, remaining a part of our family for many, many years to come.

For quality, thought provoking and unique artworks, Durham White is an artist to be seriously considered.

Kerry and Steven Potts, Mount Martha



This brought an elated tear to Durham's eye and left him speechless:

When asked about the reasoning for the purchase/s of the artworks:
"I collect art in a small way and found that these pieces resonated with me. I regularly attended the Telstra Aboriginal Art Awards in Darwin and had just prior to purchase visited the Salon des Refusés and there was a photography piece there which reminded me of the layering effect in Durham’s pieces. I was fascinated with the scale, size and depth that Durham gained in his work. The more you look at them the more you see." 

When asked to comment on the feelings or emotions the piece evokes:
"Like all the pieces of art I have they give me joy. I love that they are local Victorian scenes. It makes it feel personal to recognise the landscapes. The colours are stunning. I feel drawn into the pieces, particularly the red one. Looking at it can almost evoke the sound of the bird flying and calling. The other piece gives me a sense of journey and reminds me of how we travel through life collecting experiences and memories. I originally thought of this piece for a friend who has a stunning Janelle Stockman from her Thirsty Land series in the same colour toning. It is the sense of connection with the land which I respond to. It gives a sense of home." 

When asked about the print quality:
"Yes they are extremely well done, durable and of the highest quality. I stretching is of a very high standard and there is no chance of warping. They are taunt and carefully finished. They were packaged so carefully that there was no chance of damage in travelling with them. I also have a small Perspex piece which gets full sun as it has sat in the window sill for more than 12 months and it is a vibrant and beautiful as the day I purchased it."

When asked about considering any further purchases of Durham's works in the future: 
"I dream. I have a particular favourite that I would purchase given the right space to hang it. It was a tight decision at the time of my original purchase which ones to take and this was a contender. I live the fresh colours of it. I also find as I pop into the gallery that Durham’s work is evolving as any artist does and I like his new work also and am sure I will continue to do so. I would purchase a piece as a gift."

When asked about recommending acquiring a piece of Durham's artwork to others:
"Without hesitation. Buying art is a personal emotional experience and if I knew someone who loved the pieces I would encourage them to buy, not just for the joy of living with the piece but also because of the very high standard of materials he uses. There is a difference in Durham’s work that would make these pieces work in all types of homes and settings. I have mine hung with some very ancient stores and they work well but they would also be an amazing focal point in a minimalist setting. I think his work is diverse in subject, size, composition and colour this would make it easy for others to find a piece that particularly resonates."

& lastly:
"One other thing that particularly draws me to Durham’s work is the obvious pride he takes in it. He values his time and his creations and that makes me appreciate it too. Durham talks very personally about his work and explains what drives him to see the view that he does. It makes for a very personal purchase."

Barbara Rowett, Melbourne. 
Purchased "What looms... at one with the earth" 93x142cm, "What looms... filmscapes" 110x72cm 
"The colours caught my eye and matched my decor and the image drew me in and intrigued me.  I also liked the size of the artwork.  It gives me an uplifting and calm feeling.  I'm very satisfied with the quality and definitely considering a future purchase of Durham's works."

Carol B., Melbourne. Purchased "The Rise" 76 x 102cm  April, 2018


We'll continue to add to this as feedback comes in x

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