We have seen your artwork, but unsure as to how it will look in our space?
We totally understand your concern here.  Durham's style is very unique. He has placed much thought into the creations to not only complement the space, but also add a beautiful energy to the space.  If unsure if a piece or some of the pieces will suit or which may work best and sizing considerations, feel free to email us with a photo/ photos of the space and the pieces of interest and your query/ies.  If you are within an hour of Kyneton or Mornington, Victoria there is a chance we may be able to arrange a suitable time to make a consultation visit.

Durham's works are in many different styles of homes, from Victorian, to brick veneer, to modern. Their organic nature allows a crossover without the need to be concerned that you may have to change everything just to accommodate for the piece.  Then there is the do you want nice? or do you want wow? If wow, then the artwork should become the statement piece! 

Will it be too busy? We are sifting through your works and there looks to be a lot going on, will they be too busy?
Some works won't be suitable for every room in the house, although that is a preferential choice.  We know we would prefer some works into a living environment with open space as opposed to positioned on a bedroom wall.  The pieces when viewed in the Gallery or online altogether can be a little overwhelming, however to have one or two pieces, or 3 coordinated side by side, can truly be quite comforting, or depending on choice have a bold wow factor! 

I am looking for 3 or more large artworks, do you offer any discounts?
We are happy to offer a better price on purchases of 3 or more large pieces. Please contact us directly via email with your enquiry, title and sizings.

Do you do commissions?
Yes, Durham is able to do commissioned pieces.  Please note that due to the nature of these works that there is some considerable time, the quality of the materials used and the connection with giving you that special piece that pricing needs to be considered accordingly.

I would love to have something made up with various elements of my life, family, beloved pets and places that I've been to, are you able to do this?
Once again, commissioned works may be done.  Please email Durham directly coloursofwhitecollection@gmail.com with your enquiry and also your budget.  Only serious applications will be considered.  Please note we do find it difficult to work with mobile phone captured images as they do not have the depth, however, let's see.

I've seen a tile in one of your gallery spaces, but I can't seem to find it online, am I able to order it?
Please email or call us with your enquiry and we'll see if the artwork is still available.

I loved an image that was on your website, however I no longer see it online, am I still able to purchase this?
Some of the pieces may have sold out, some of the artworks, Durham may have decided it is time to retire them, so you would need to enquire if seriously interested and also be willing to make a commitment to purchase within 3-7days of the enquiry, should you be wishing to proceed.

Why are your prices set as they are?
Durham has placed a lot of hours into mastering his unique offerings, the skill required, training the mind, the cost of operating the businesses, and the equipment used, to the costs of the materials used in getting the end result have to be factored in.  More importantly these works are to be with you for a lifetime and they are an investment to your happiness, and health.  To look into see something reflective everyday that takes you on a journey. They complete a room, or they bring an extra point of energy and life into.  They also look beautiful in various lightings creating different moods.  

And most of the works are kept at a limited release, but available to more than one so that, a. the price point per piece can be kept lower, and b. a number of others within the world can also have the same joy of looking into the beauty these bring.

I would prefer to have the outer box frame on the canvas, however the option is not there, what should I do?
Please email or call us with the size of the piece and we can get back to you with the quote to have the pieces with the additional framing.

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