Continuing with our boutique line of cushions created by artist Durham J White and proudly made in Melbourne from quality fabrics, these 45x45cm cushions are made to last, add life to your interior & look apart.  Throughout this series Durham has been exploring textures and abstract to create organic earthy patterns, not designed to be influenced by passing trends, but to consistently leave an impression.

Larger size cushions available at request. Single-sided imagery may also be arranged. We pride ourselves in offering a boutique quality product.

All inserts are created from recycled PET bottles. They’re comfy & supporting the environment. Cushions may be dry cleaned or hand washed.


100% Australian made 😻🇦🇺

Offering a generous size, with a unique earthy design designed to add a subtle organic feel of comfort to your couch or bedding.

Proudly boutique made in Australia from quality sustainable and durable fabrics.

Within our homewares page you'll find a unique boutique offering of limited release placemat, coasters and cushions featuring the artworks of Durham J White, and for the majority of have been produced by small quality Australian manufacturers.  It's a real delight to support these companies, and also to know that you are getting something special that has been made with love and designed to last.  The joys of working with these manufacturers is that we are able to small runs of differing patterns (more work for Durham), which means you are often one of a lucky few who may have this particular image!  That must mean something :)  

Enjoy these unique fashionable and timeless pieces from Elfy featuring semi-precious stones.  These pieces are perfect for many occasions.

Efly is an Australian jewellery designer and has over 30 years experience in her expertise.

Enjoy these unique stylish and timeless pieces from Elfy featuring semi-precious stones. These pieces are perfect for many occasions.


Elfy is an Australian jewellery designer and has over 30 years experience in her expertise.

Here you'll find a nice card and some glamorous wrapping paper to complete your gift.

Here you'll find the unique original artworks of Australian artist Durham J. White.  We suggest you stop and take the time to enjoy the pieces on their individual merits.  There is a lot more depth than initially meet the eye. The works are designed for a long term gratification.  They also bring a very special energy to a space, lifting the room.  There's so much more to these than initially meets the eye.  The pieces are timeless and take you on a journey beyond their face value.

For viewing the works online, these are best viewed large.  Do stop and take a moment then to feel the piece in its entirety rather than in the small samples with all the other pieces. If you have access to an iPad or other form of tablet.

The artworks are professionally printed in Australia, ready to hang and come with with an unconditional 75 year guarantee.

Unsure whether a piece will suit, email us some info about the space. We're here to help.

This highly popular series featuring artworks by Durham J White often depicts calming waters with epic cloud formations.  A journey between the seas and the land and the sky
These quality prints featuring Durham J White's artwork, are on a marine grade ply, are ideal for any room. The marine grade ply allows them to withstand humidity, making them even great for bathrooms.  They come ready to hang, with a cut out in the back to rest onto a screw in the wall, or can rest on a small easel. Perfect.  Versatile, durable, and rated to 30years and at a good price.