Wall Art - Reminiscing


This delightful work of art featuring blues, autumnal reds and oranges gives an interpretation of snow capped mountains, valleys and autumn leaves reminiscent of those found in Japan. Pretty special considering it has been crafted from 1000 plus layers from photographs taken in the quaint town of Glenlyon, located between Kyneton and Daylesford, Central Victoria.

Durham's journey feels like it takes him to Japan, your visual journey may take you somewhere else special.

Will suit many interiors, in particularly in a room with lots of grey tones, yum :)

Limited Release

Materials: 430gsm canvas, timber mounted, lifetime warranty of 75 years


  • 1.40 x 1.86m $5100
  • 1.05 x 1.40m $3600
  • 0.76 x 1.02m $1800*
  • 0.46 x 0.61m $850

    All canvases/ framed works are printed to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround from placement of order.  
    * may be ordered in a framed version print with glass (0.765 x 0.97m), please specify in comments at time of order if this is what you would like.

    For international orders shipping is not included.  It is best you contact Colours of White Collection directly to discuss options. 

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