Footage of Durham’s Solo Exhibition works, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham

The works have been on show now for almost 2 weeks and the response has been amazing. A big thank you to all those who attended the opening and for all the rewarding feedback.

We’d like to share with you footage of the works in the space, so that you can also have a greater understanding and appreciation for how great they look in a homely space. 

The solo exhibition works are being added to the website and extremely limited release. 61x46cm & 46x61cm size offerings from this exhibition are only available through to the end of September, 2019.

Works are showing at Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham til early August, 2019.

Are you a customer to the physical Colours of White Collection gallery boutique?

Have you been in to our physical store located at 38 Piper St, Kyneton and seen something that you like, but maybe it is not online?  If so, don't hesitate to send us through an email coloursofwhitecollection@gmail.com or give us a call.
Certain factors make it difficult to showcase all items, but we're more than happy to assist.  We have taken many orders over the course of time like this and have satisfied customers throughout Australia.

Introducing Colours of White Collection

We’d like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time out to have a look through this site. No doubt many of you have expressed some form of interest during Durham’s journey of establishing various shop/ gallery spaces over the past few years. For your support, we also thank you. Change and progress has been made, with some of the simple original love and direction still shining brightly through. From time to time, the site will be updated with a selection of new wares, artworks etc.

Honestly, it’s the same simple philosophy of keeping it all earthy, stylish and of quality. The works are timeless, as are the pieces to accompany the works. We want you to cherish them, be free with them , and for them to create a talking point within your own personal environment.

Many will note some classic works of Durham’s, while others are exploring them (his works dating from 2008 - present) for the first time. It’s exciting because they are fresh and they will remain this way for many years to come.

Stay tuned as we let you know about what various new life is either brought into the Colours of White Collection Gallery space, currently in Kyneton, including talk of commission pieces, introductions to our other creators, and more.

Just remember to keep an open mind… sometimes the better things in life take time to be understood and appreciated.