Blossom - Square Element 6 Tile

10x10x2cm tile
30x30x3cm tile

Love the art, but don't have the wall space? 

Not a problem, you can still enjoy the piece on these free standing tiles:

This blossom based piece features a dramatic red, brown and orange colour palette with splashes of green to conjure depth and emotion.  This is a bold exciting statement.

The smaller tile format is cute and a sweet gift idea or great for that place where you want to add some colour, and something ornamental.  the larger tile size is striking, it's bold and really does highlight the art!

Available in these Sizings:

  • 10x10x2cm
  • 30x30x3cm

A limited release of 120x120cm sized Canvases also available.


These are often made to order, so you'll need to allow a 1-2week turnaround for printing and then delivery time on top of that.

Proudly hand made in Australia.

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