Wall Art - the prestige


This monotone wall-art is edgy, full of intrigue and very striking at the same time. Capturing a lot of elements from the historic buildings of Piper Street, Kyneton. It's a majestic trip into or from a time down memory lane.  It gives the sense that there is a mysterious castle in the clouds. 

An explorative modern take on the past in an aged film like black & white, washed grey like tones.

Will suit various interiors, natural wall colouring or floors.

Extremely Limited Release

Materials: 430gsm canvas, timber mounted, lifetime warranty of 75 years


  • 1.40 x 1.89m $5600 (limited to 7)
  • 1.07 x 1.40m $3600 (limited to 21)


All canvases/ framed works are printed to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround from placement of order.  

For international orders shipping is not included.  It is best you contact Colours of White Collection directly to discuss options. 

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