Wall Art - Piper Street 3view

101.5 x 74.5cm

Imagine this artwork in your living room, the sun shining across the room bouncing off this beautiful glaring afternoon sunset ~ just magical.  It has warming earthy colours and features the historic streetscape of Piper Street, Kyneton.

It is limited, and since its release at the end of November, 2017 has been selling very well.

Will suit various interiors, natural wall colouring or floors.

Materials: 430gsm canvas, timber mounted, lifetime warranty of 75 years.

Dimensions in metres:

  • 2.14 x 1.40 $5600 (limited to 11)
  • 1.40 x .92 $3300
  • 1.07 x .71  $1650 
  • 0.61 x 0.41 $575

    Framed (size includes box frame, torn edge & 7cm matting all round)
    1.015 x .745 $1675

All canvases are printed to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround from placement of order.   Canvas for this has a white wrap.  Please state or email if you would like an alternative colour.  Watermark does not appear on finished print.

For international orders shipping is not included.  It is best you contact Colours of White Collection directly to discuss options.

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