Square Skull Placemats 6pc


For the adventurous decor and skull lover why not entertain your dining table with these square skull table mats.  They'll add some fun and character, and even if not used on the table make some cool collectible art.  Art by Durham J White.  Features 6 individual faces that compliment each other.

Product Details:

Proudly made in Australia.


4 individual designs.

Heat resistant to 110degrees celcius

Cello-glazed water resistant

3mm timber with 1mm cork backing with sides polished black.

These are quality, guaranteed.  Limited numbers remain.

As an artisan working with Australian made manufacturers we produce the designs in extremely limited runs and there is no guarantee that any of these placemats and/ or coasters will be reproduced in future which is what helps to keep them special.  We focus on quality over quantity.


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