Durham J White

shades of the historical present past


Durham J White

shades of the historical present past


Looking for shades of grey, the tones in this and the motion are a delight to those looking for a dynamic monotone art piece. There is the clarity mixed with some epic cloud formations and a subtle edginess that makes it contrastingly different. Still it carries simplicity with intrigue and gives a sense of wow on the wall.

We highly recommend the glass framed edit in this. The white bordering complete with black frame does showcase the masterpiece this is.

Will suit various interiors, natural wall colouring or floors.

Limited Release - only 50 larger pieces to be released worldwide, distributed evenly across all size points x

Materials: 450gsm canvas, timber mounted, lifetime warranty of 75 years


  • 2.14 x 1.40m $4900 (limited to 10)
  • 1.40 x 0.915m $2700 (limited to 10)
  • 0.71 x 0.46m $750 (open) 

    Metal - 60year rating and includes outer boxed ash frame

    • 1.50 x 0.98m $4200 inclusive of frame. (limited to 10)


    Glass Framed with a 7cm matting all round, torn edge to archival paper

    • 0.81 x 0.53m - image size - with framing spacial size is: 1.01 x.735m $1800 (limited to 10)
    • 1.25 x 0.82m - image size - with framing spacial size 1.45 x 1m $2700 (limited to 10) 

    All canvases/ framed works are printed to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround from placement of order.  

    For international orders shipping is not included.  It is best you contact Colours of White Collection directly to discuss options. 

    Website Watermark will be removed from printed image.