Durham J White

pyramids of the historical golden new


Durham J White

pyramids of the historical golden new


The washed golden copper like tones in this stunning new creation are extremely comforting to the eye.  Here Durham takes us on a journey of an optical illusion back in time with a new focal guidance that draws you in in so many varying ways.  This explorative piece plays on the historical landmarks of Kyneton.

Limited Release

Will suit various interiors, natural wall colouring or floors.

All products are ready to hang on the wall, unless requested otherwise.

Materials: 430gsm canvas, timber mounted, lifetime warranty of 75 years
Outer Natural Box Frame added option with additional cost.


  • 1.40 x 1.83m $5600 (limited to 11)
  • 1.07 x 1.40m $3600 (limited to 11)
  • 0.76 x 1.02m $2200 (limited to 11)
  • 0.46 x 0.61m $675 (open)



Dimensions: (Includes Ash Box Frame) Rated to 60 years

  • 1.00 x 1.30m $4200 (limited to 11)
  • 0.79 x 1.05m $2900 (limited to 11)
  • 0.49 x 0.64m $975 (limited to 21)


Glass Picture Framed with 7cm matting, torn edge, floating artwork

0.82 x 1.01m $2275 (limited to 11)

    All canvases/ framed works are printed to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks turnaround from placement of order.  

    For international orders shipping is not included.  It is best you contact Colours of White Collection directly to discuss options. 

    Website Watermark will not appear on final copy.