Free Standing - Lime Set Rectangle SPECIAL 3 Piece Deal

Wood Print

How about a colour pop of lime zest mixed in with the specialty FleuroSun sunflowers to liven up a shelf or your desk? This trio feature the Garnet, Mauve Spray, and Ice Lady varieties.  They're funky and only available through Colours of White Collection.

  • 3 x 15x10cm tiles $240
  • 3 x 30x20cm tiles $480

The truest interpretation of colour are in the original watermarked image.  The watermark and large signature are absent from the purchased piece.

Wood Print option also available.

3 x 41x30cm $315

Canvas & Framed Prints made to order.  Enquiries to find out more.

10x10cm tiles and wood prints limited stock on hand.

Our printers are now closed til end of 2nd week in January for other sizings.

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