With over 17 years of experience graphic artist Durham J White has created something uniquely special.  Welcome.  Please take the time to stop and have a look closer at the works featured in this Colours of White Collection.  The textural layers, the depths, their organic nature are all meticulously thought through with the goal of providing years of endless satisfaction and viewing pleasure.  All of which offer beautiful blends and coordinations of colour and textures. 

Artworks range in size from smaller comfort pieces to pieces up to large scale portraits or landscapes of 2.14m x 1.4m.  Other offerings of Durham's include his unique placemat and coaster designs, and a boutique range of cushions, with an intention towards sustainable, quality living, and Australian made.

Over the past few years a number of new artworks have been made, however are currently not online.  Are you looking for that special piece or pieces for your home / office, you name it, but not sure?  Please feel free to email or contact us with your enquiry and we'll be more than happy to assist.

You'll also find a selection of Elfy jewellery.

Colours of White operates its gallery space in Kyneton, Victoria at 38 Piper Street.  The space also offers a range of gifts and body products which we do not sell online.  Seen something in store, but it's not online? Feel free to be in touch.

Commissioned artworks available. 

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