Currently we are focusing on the beautiful unique designs of Australian artist Durham J. White.  These are offered in a range of boutique cushions and placemat and coaster designs.  These are designed to bring a fresh stylish life to your interior decor. Our emphasis is more and more on Australian made products and over coming weeks you will see some new placemat, coaster and cushion designs popping up.  We ensure you the quality of these items are exceptional.  With this does come a change in price points.  The new placemat designs have been selling extremely well at Colours of White's physical store.  Currently these are only offered through Colours of White.  

If you've had the pleasure of frequenting our Colours of White Gallery space and there is another product you so desire, please don't hesitate to give us a call between the hours of 10am-10pm AUST E.S.T or pop us through an email.  We can send these other items throughout Australia :)  Our details may be found in the Contact Page.