Wall Art

Here you'll find the unique original artworks of Australian artist Durham J. White.  We suggest you stop and take the time to enjoy the pieces on their individual merits.  There is a lot more depth than initially meet the eye. The works are designed for a long term gratification.  They also bring a very special energy to a space, lifting the room.  There's so much more to these than initially meets the eye.  The pieces are timeless and take you on a journey beyond their face value.

For viewing the works online, these are best viewed large.  Do stop and take a moment then to feel the piece in its entirety rather than in the small samples with all the other pieces. If you have access to an iPad or other form of tablet.

The artworks are professionally printed in Australia, ready to hang and come with with an unconditional 75 year guarantee.

Unsure whether a piece will suit, email us some info about the space. We're here to help.